The Keystone Land Acquisition Team

Keystone Consulting and Appraisals Inc, an established provider of real estate consulting and valuation services in the interior of British Columbia, has developed a team that specializes in Voluntary Land Acquisition Programs in support of municipal, provincial, and federal government land planning and disaster mitigation strategies.

The scope of services provided include:

  • Program design services
  • Real estate valuation services
  • Program implementation services

The Acquisition Team is made up of a variety of professional disciplines including real estate specialists, appraisers, accountants, lawyers, construction specialists, architects, support staff and a Project Director.

Findings and conclusions from our most recent Voluntary Land Acquisition Program, which had a voluntary acceptance rate of roughly 97%, are as follows:

The Keystone team also recently presented to the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s National Conference on “Voluntary Land Acquisition and Valuation in Natural Disasters”. The presentation focused on the team’s findings related to a multi-year Voluntary Land Acquisition Program they completed in Grand Forks, BC which had an acceptance rate of roughly 97%.

A copy of this video can be found in the link and form below. The presentation was summarized as follows:

“In 2018 the City of Grand Forks in British Columbia experienced catastrophic flooding due to exceptionally high freshet that breached existing City dyke works. Hundreds of homes and commercial businesses were devastated. In 2019 the BC government announced a federal and provincial sponsored flood mitigation strategy that included the acquisition and removal of 140 residential properties.

“Keystone Appraisals Inc. were awarded a government tendered contract to design and implement a voluntary land acquisition program which ultimately proved to be one of the most successful large scale voluntary programs in Canadian history with an acceptance rate of over 95%. The presentation will cover the unique program design, and valuation/negotiation challenges and successes.”

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    For more information on Keystone’s Voluntary Land Acquisition Program please contact our team at or 250 352 6855